Thursday, September 25, 2008

FET Eve!!

My transfer is tomorrow morning at 11:45. Yay! I'm very excited and hopeful. Not much else to say about that right now...check back tomorrow for an update and possibly a picture!

What's been happening in the Duke world:

Ashley Furniture closed & Jordan lost his job last Thursday. :( It wasn't a total surprise because the store has obviously not been paying their bills b/c delivery trucks have not been running for months. That meant no commission check for Jordan for the past 4 months. Now it means absolutely no check. Crud. On a happier note, he has an interview on Monday with Wells Fargo for a management position. Fingers crossed!

Mom did all of my PIO shots while J was in Vegas (and, by the way, he was very responsible and came back WITH money! Not a ton, don't get too excited.)!! I had him show her how it was done on Saturday morning before he left and basically gave her no choice. She was shaking the first time, and though she may not have enjoyed doing it, she did it every morning and night while Jordan was gone without a complaint. What a champ :)

Speaking of the PIO...It's not fair to be nauseous when there is a 200% chance that you are not pregnant!! I haven't had issues in the past, but the PIO is KILLING me this time. I can barely sit down, my butt is terribly bruised, I want to throw up constantly, and I'm exhausted. At least if I was pregnant with these as symptoms, I would have something to look forward to. Blah :(
I hope to stay sick...but for a good reason :) (Ok, I don't really hope to be sick, but you get the point!)

I'm off to bed. 'Til tomorrow...

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Rachel said...

I'm so sorry about the pIO's :-( Are you icing your bum?