Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pregnant until proven otherwise!

Transfer complete! We had a rough start with my "hidden" uterus. Apparently, my uterus likes to play hide-and-seek on transfer days. It started out under my pelvic bone and therefore couldn't be seen on the u/s. Both doctors had the worst time finding it, but after much probing and emptying my bladder (yay!), they got the shot they needed to guide in the catheter, and everything went well!

We transferred 2 beautiful blasts (Picture to come)! They thawed three. The 3rd was iffy, but they were going to continue watching it and possibly refreeze. They gave us the option to transfer all 3, but I could tell the RE wasn't comfortable with that and neither were we. We opted to put in the 2 and pray that we just fell on the wrong side of the statistics last time!

I slept all afternoon yesterday and will spend the rest of the weekend on the couch. There is no gas to be found, so it's a great weekend to do nothing!

Thanks for continued prayers!


Rachel said...

EEK!!! :-)

theworms said...

Tons of sticky baby dust coming your way!!! GL

Ballerina said...

Good luck!!! :) I added you to my blog list!