Monday, September 15, 2008

A Prayer for My IF Sisters

I do not have to know all the answers

God, You know everything but I don't. I face this situation with little knowledge of what is going to happen and what the future holds for me and for those I love. I confess to You that I am afraid, anxious, and perhaps even angry at my helplessness in this time. Please draw me close to You.

Help me to know that I do not have to know all the answers if I know You and am known by You. Give me patience with myself, with others involved in this matter, and grant me a sense of peace that You move in, through, and beyond all situations of this earth.

O God beyond time, help me to understand Your possibilities for life, healing, and restoration that I cannot even imagine because I am aware only of the now and You are aware of forever. Give quietness to this shaking heart and calmness in the midst of great fear.


(Thanks mom. I love you :) )


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Megan said...

I love "I am aware of now and you are aware of forever". So true and something we have to trust in. I've been praying for you and have your transfer day on my calendar! Love you!

Julie said...

I stumbled across your prayer and I was really blessed. You need to add your name to this list: