Friday, July 23, 2010

10 months!

10 months. Just writing it makes my heart ache a little (in a good way but a little sad). I love that my little monkey is growing up and learning new things everyday and becoming such a little boy, but I wish it wasn't going so quickly. I seriously cannot believe that he has been here for 10 months!

Each day seems to bring new changes. It's so fun to see him curiously checking everything out, testing his limits, and just enjoying life (seriously, baby's have it made)!! Fun stuff he's doing include:

  • Clapping! I've seen it once, but mom said he's done it a few times cute!
  • Waving (of course, he won't do it when you say bye-bye and wave, but he will wave to you while he eats, he looks out the window and waves, he waves to the dogs, you get the idea..!)
  • He likes to talk. He babbles a lot, but he still doesn't have too many real words that he uses. Some definites are dada, mama, baba, dog, and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. What? He's gifted ;)
  • He's still a great sleeper. He sleeps through the night like a pro, and if he does wake up, he usually falls right back asleep within 10 minutes. I won't complain! Though he fought it today, he sleeps a good 2 hours in the morning and 1.5-2 hours in the afternoon, with the occasional cat nap thrown in. He definitely likes his sleep!
  • We've introduced several more table foods to him this month. He sometimes doesn't get that he has to chew, so we're still working on it. He seems to like banana, apple and peach puffs, yogurt melts, biscuits, bread, bananas, watermelon, blueberry and peach yogurt (My dad gave him blueberry one day, and he was in heaven. Hampton just laughed and grunted and motioned for more, more, MORE!).
  • He has so much energy! He will just keep going until he collapses. Once he is just so tired he can't do anything else, he will crawl right up into your lap and cuddle with you to go to sleep. So sweet!
  • He seems to really want to walk! He's standing on his own, and has taken a few practice steps (accidentally, 1 at a time), but I think he's gaining confidence that it's okay to do.
  • Even though it's been close to 100 or higher for weeks, being outside is his favorite thing.
  • He loves to smile and be a little ham for everyone. He has some of the funniest faces!
  • He has become a little biter. And it hurts! I'm having to learn how to "punish" and teach him that biting is not good. This is not easy! I popped him on the mouth recently, and he laughed at me. Yeah... He still only has 4 teeth, but the next 2 top teeth are currently trying to push through.

I say it every month, but I can't wait to see what changes come in the next month.

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Lisa said...

As always...He's PRECIOUS!!!
Hudson is addicted to blueberries too.

t.bird said...

perhaps we should put our heads together & figure out how to stop time. i don't approve of this whole "10 months old" deal!

but at least he's adorable!

Amber Herlocker said...

I will take those chunky thighs please!