Tuesday, July 13, 2010

another baby? maybe!

No, I'm not pregnant! That would be rather exciting news though, right?? Well, Jordan and I have been talking more and more about growing our family recently, and we are ready whenever God wants to bless us with another little one. We know (and have been told many times) that it could happen without any doctors intervening, so we've busted out the ovulation predictor kits and decided, "what the heck?"! If I have to be completely honest, I have zero faith that we will be able to get pregnant on our own. None. I mean, we were given a 1% chance with anything other than IVF. That's a big bubble buster. The good thing about going into ttc #2 is that I have a realistic idea of how hard this could be. I'm not giddy and ready to pee on a stick 5 days before aunt flow is due. I can wait. And so far, I can do it without any sort of breakdown when she does show. Will this get tougher as the months pass by? Probably. But I have a grip on what is to come, and I think that is the bast way to go into this.

You might be thinking, why not go right back to the doctor? Unfortunately, we still have a lot of money due on a loan that we took out for our first IVF. (Not to mention our hospital bill and NICU bill.) Being 100% out of pocket sucks, but we would do it all over again. And, well, we're planning on it. We don't want to go back until our loan is paid off. The last thing we need is another large loan out on top of the one we have. We have about 18 months left on our loan (yeah, it was a 48 month loan in order to get the lowest payment...which isn't that low!) 18 months is a l-o-n-g time considering after we started treatments last time, it was still over a year before we got pregnant. We decided something needed to be done in order to pay off this loan quicker.

That's where Stella & Dot comes in! I have just started as a stylist for Stella & Dot jewelry, with the soul purpose of paying off our loan and getting some extra money to try again (all while earning free jewelry-BONUS!). I fell in love with the jewelry at a party I attended earlier this summer, and I'm so excited to get my business going!! I wanted to share my site with my readers, and if you are looking for some new jewelry for a special occasion or "just because", I would definitely take a look. Share it with your husbands or significant others, because you deserve it!! Check it out and let me know what you think of the jewelry! www.stelladot.com/rebekah

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