Thursday, July 8, 2010

Did you notice...

That there was a certain someone present for all of the holiday activities over the weekend? Yes, Jordan was not only able to spend a weekend with us, but a holiday weekend! Pretty awesome, huh? Well, it gets better--from now on, he'll be home every weekend and holiday! And, YES, he's still employed!! Woohoo :)

Our prayers were answered, and Jordan started a new job on Tuesday. He now works a normal weekday schedule-Monday to Friday, 8:30-5:30! We couldn't be more excited to have him home with us more! And to add to it-this job has NO COMMISSION. We know what his paycheck is going to be every time. Oh happy day!

This is how Hampton feels about his daddy's new schedule:
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Jennifer said...

Sweet - congratulations! Not having your husband around for major events (and in my case, 2 major snow storms this year!) is really hard - on you & him. I'm really glad he now has the opportunity to be with you guys more :-) My DH had a 5 month stretch of time where he was trying to bid a big job & was traveling cross country every 2 weeks or so - it was pretty rough and I'm glad to have him back!