Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July

This weekend was a whirlwind and yet so calm and laid back. In other words, it was quite possibly one of the best weekends we've had in a while. If only my little bro (and his lady friend) was in town, it would have been perfect!

Friday, we kicked off the weekend by heading down to South GA to visit my grandparents. I say "we," but Jordan actually headed down to Savannah with his dad and two brothers for a little fishing adventure. The baby and I went with my parents. We had a nice visit, WAY too much food, and I helped my grandad and uncle pick some veggies from his overflowing garden. After eating we sat on the back patio and rocked and just visited.

After I straightened up the house a bit, Saturday was a pool day. It has been cooler (read low 90s), but at night we have had a few record low temps. This has cooled the pool off so we no longer feel like we're swimming in bath water. It's nice. Hampton decided he was ready for a nap shortly after we got to my parent's house, so I was able to eat lunch and lay out for a little bit without having to entertain. Bonus!

Sunday, we started out the holiday at church. No better way to celebrate our freedom than going to worship the one who gave His life for our ultimate freedom. Jordan got back in town late Saturday night, so he was able to join us. The afternoon was spent eating Mexican for lunch and playing the pool. Jordan and I had a great time playing our own version of volleyball (with no net and a beach ball-ha!) and just splashing around like a couple of kids! It was great! At one point, Hampton was asleep, Jordan had run to the store, Mom was inside baking, and Dad was taking a break from the sun. I was alone. Floating around in the pool. Soaking in those maybe 15 minutes of silence. Whew, momma needed that!

After grilling out and enjoying some delicious food, we went to set off some some firecrackers. Well, dad and Jordan did. Mom, myself and the monkey stood on the front porch with our hands on the door knob in case we needed a quick getaway! Hampton was so intrigued! I thought he would be so scared, but even though he did jump a few times at the initial "POP", he watched all of them! Next year we'll have to go to an actual fireworks show!

Ashley and Adam have been visiting his family in New Mexico, but they flew back in yesterday, and we were able to spend a little time with them before they head back home this morning. Hampton just loves his Aunt (and maybe, possibly, one-day uncle???)!

Here's my attempt at a photo shoot of my little monkey in his 4th of July outfit and doing a little splashin' around. I was using my phone, and he refused to look, so I did the best I could! He's cute no matter what, though :)

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t.bird said...

he looks so adorably American!! ha!

~Jess said...

H is so adorable!

I love going to church just before a patriotic day...singing all those great hymns is just awesome!