Friday, July 16, 2010

i'm one of "those" moms

When Jordan and I got back from our anniversary trip to the beach back in June, I noticed that Hampton had a little bruise on his chin. I mentioned it to my parents, but, honestly, I wasn't that concerned. The kid never sits still, a small bruise on the chin was almost expected! It went away after a few days, and that was that.

Until it came back. Another bruise in the exact same spot. It started really light and then got worse and worse. Then, my mom noticed that there was a very hard bump underneath it. Huh. Now it had my attention. You're probably thinking, "Big deal, he bumped his chin. Calm down, crazy person." Well, the problem with that is that neither of us could come up with a time that he did hit his chin. For something to cause such a bad bruise, he would have cried, right?

So, just to be on the safe side, I called the doctor. Of course, they wanted me to bring him in the check it out (hello easy $40 co-pay). The appointment was quick and easy and the doctor came up with three solutions to what happened:
1. Hematoma-Possible, but not likely. These usually show up around 3 months or younger.
2. Blood clotting disorder- Not likely. He had no other bruises on his entire body.
3. It's a bruise w/ a callus underneath from re-injuring himself-Ding! Ding! Ding!

So, yeah, I took my child to the doctor, paid $40, and walked away feeling like a moron. He had a bruise on his chin. He will survive. :)

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Amber Herlocker said...

Your not the only crazy mom! I went to the Dr because Caleb was crying. ALL. THE. TIME. Turns out, he was just hungry! Duh.

Lisa said...

No you are not crazy. I don't blame you. I am so glad that that's ALL it was. Now you have peace of mind. I took Hudson because his temp was 99.6. The doc. told me that it was not even a fever. I made them do all kinds of tests because I was so worried that it was something with his kidney, and of course he was fine.

Krissy said...

Hey, I always say that moms rather be safe than sorry and that's how i feel! I've done tons of things like that with my kids, taking them to the doctor when they really didn't need to be. What if we didn't worry and kept them home and it was something more serious? I always think of the "What If's" to the extent that it drives me INSANE!! I'm glad he's ok and it's just a bruise, though!! Don't feel stupid. Feel proud that you care enough to be so cautious :)