Thursday, September 16, 2010

busy, busy, busy!

Wow, life has been so crazy recently. If it's not a sick baby, or a messy house, or driving back and forth to Atlanta--which we have done 3 times in the past couple of weeks, it's family coming in town, and birthday parties being planned, and, oh yeah, every once in a while, I like to sit down and hang out with my baby boy and the hubbs. I need more time in each day. I don't feel like I can get it all done. And I'm tired!

This past weekend, Jordan's older brother and a friend had a surprise 30th b-day party. The day was spent going from challenge to challenge that their wives had set up. From a beauty contest to mini golf, baking cakes and rock climbing, it was quite a day! Jordan's grand parents, Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin, and brother, wife, and their little girl all came into town, and we had a lot of fun just visiting and catching up. Hampton loved playing with his cousins Anna and Harlee Ann!

Sunday, we went up to the Imagine It Kids Museum and played with some friends for a little while. Hampton isn't quite big enough to participate in a lot of the activities they have there, but he seemed to have a good time pushing a shopping cart around, playing with magnets, and "playing drums" on the stools at the sand station. We had a great time, and when I get my act together, I'll post pictures. ;)

That's a smidgen of what we've been up to recently...and it's not slowing down any time soon!
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