Tuesday, September 7, 2010

sippy cups

Well, it's been decided, my child will go to college drinking out of a bottle. A little dramatic? No, I don't think so at all. I have offered him sippy cups for a while now with water or juice in them, and he promptly throws (actually CHUNKS) them to the floor. He has no interest. They annoy him. & they are so incredibly difficult in comparison to his bottles where the milk just flows.

Yesterday, I tried the old switcheroo trick. I gave him half of his milk in the bottle and when that was done, I quickly slipped in the sippy that had the rest of his milk. Y'all, he. freaked. out. I'm talking flinging himself backward, red-faced, screeching. He could not get away from that thing quick enough, and he could not have cared less that it had milk in it!

We've tried several different brands: gerber, baby einstein, 2 different types of nuby with no luck. If anyone has some sort of miracle sippy advice, I'm all ears!!

Oh me oh my...this is going to be quite the adventure. The "good" news is that my mom said my little brother didn't stop drinking out of his bottle until he was 3, and he turned out just fine!
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t.bird said...

i feel your pain.

alex will chew on the sippy cup spout- but as for drinking out of it? uh, please.

oh- and she still refuses to hold her own bottle. yeah- super!

kristen said...

haha! i can relate! one of mine hated the sippy cup at first, too! (i don't remember which one.. cause i am a good mom like that! :) ) but anyway..i was told to take the valve out of the cup so the milk/juice comes out really fast.. then when they realize what is in there, they are more apt to try it! make any sense!?! hope so! but good luck!! he'll get the hang of it soon:)

cejer said...

Oh my gosh please dont stress about this one if he wants to bottle then just let him have it .. you will have bigger battles to fight!!:)

~Jess said...

He'll get over it eventually...I haven't seen too many 10 year olds walking around with bottles....although there was that goth phase 10 years ago with the pacifiers.... ;-)

Rebekah said...

Thanks, y'all. I know it won't last forever, but sometimes it feels like it will!!
t-Still won't hold her bottle? That would drive me insane!
Jess-ha! That made me lol!

Jen said...

I just stumbled upon your blog. I love the design (I have a parenting blog, too!). In regard to the sippy cup, I think parents are often too pressured to stick to a rigid weaning schedule (breastfeeding, pacifier, sippy cup). Kids turn out just fine even when they are weaned late!