Monday, September 13, 2010

oh poop

Literally. My little monkey has had some amazing poops this weekend. Sunday afternoon, he sat in his stroller while I had lunch with some friends. He ate, played, talked and was happy as could be. When I got him back to the car, I realized that he had an explosion at some point and it was all up his left side. Seriously, I'm not even sure if any was IN the diaper. Awesome.

That was nothing, though, compared to the night before. I had put on a dress and put Hampton in a cute little outfit, and we headed out to the lake for Jordan's bro's surprise b-day party. Once we got there, Jordan had to take the car up to the entrance to where we were to guide his mom in, but they wouldn't let both cars come back in so he hopped in the car with his mom. Of course, the diaper bag was in our car, and we all know what happened next. My child's insides exploded--all over his cute outfit, all down his leg, and all over my left hip where he was perched. Double Awesome. My SIL had an extra diaper that we put on him, and he went around in that for the rest of the night. My other SIL, who was staying and camping out after, found some gym shorts and a t-shirt for me. Lesson learned-bring extra clothes not only for the baby but for yourself. Oh, and make sure you can get to said extra clothes if need be. Oh me oh my.
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Runblondie26 said...

Oh my, he's got a good little poker face! We had no idea he had that going on while we were having lunch.

You'll be out of this phase soon. It get much easier once he's eating more solids.