Thursday, September 2, 2010

braves game and aquarium

This weekend, we took Hampton on his first trip to Atlanta. He is such a good little traveler, and we are so thankful for that! Friday night, we went to the Braves game. When we first walked in the stadium, there was music playing and people screaming and having a good time. The little monkey was taking it all in-eyes darting from one thing to the other. He loved it!Once we found our seats, he was very interested in the vendors coming up and down the sides of the aisles to even notice the huge field in front of him! The game started out with a homerun on the very first pitch and went downhill from there, so I spent my time snapping some pictures & walking around getting inspiration for his birthday party! Hampton was asleep by the fourth inning, but I can see many games in our future. With his dad, I don't know how he couldn't like baseball!
Saturday we went to the Georgia Aquarium. This place is just awesome! Hampton would get right up to the glass and just stand there, mouth wide open, oooing and ahhing. He could have been there all day, I'm sure. He's just so interested in seeing it all and taking it all in. We saw lots of pretty fish, sharks, whales, and he even climbed in the tunnel to see the penguins up close! Now that we've been to 2 aquariums with him, I can't wait to take him to the zoo! I know he'll love it! I'm gonna need it to cool down a few degrees or 10 before we do that, though!

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Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh, that penguin peep hole is AWESOME!!!!! HAHA!!!

I'm a Phillies fan, but H looked so cute in his Braves gear!! Glad you all had a great time in GA!

Runblondie26 said...

DD is mesmorized by just about everything at the aquarium too. Can't wait to meet you guys!