Thursday, June 18, 2009

23 Week Pregnancy Quiz/ Appointment Update

How far along: 23weeks, 4days
Total weight gain/loss: +14
Maternity clothes: Not really. Mostly dresses and elastic waisted skirts.
Stretch marks: I've discovered some on my thighs. Not sure if they're new or old though. I've only been thinking about stretch marks on the stomach and ignoring other body parts!
Sleep: More, please
Best moment this week: Hearing his h/b today at the doctor-love that sound! Jordan feeling him kick last night!
Movement: Pretty consistent
Food cravings: None.
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: None
Belly Button in or out: In
What I miss: Sleeping all night long without having to get up to pee 2 or 3 times!
What I am looking forward to: More big movements :)
Weekly Wisdom: I've got nothing...not feeling very wise today
Milestones: Jordan and I both felt Hampton kick on the outside last night! So neat!!

And an update--At my last appointment, my blood pressure was borderline high, and was higher at my appointment today (141/70). They retested it after a while and it went up (147/72). There was no protein in my urine today, but my doc is making me collect my urine for 24 hours on Sunday and bring it in Monday when I will have to get b/w done. I also have to take my b/p at least 3 days a week and keep a record to show the doctor at my next appointment. She wanted to get a "baseline" for me and keep an eye out for Pre-Eclampsia. Freaking-A. Please pray that everything is fine and it was just a fluke...or at the very least I just need to take some medicine to keep my b/p under control.
Added: (more for my own records) Belly measuring 21 weeks-small, but okay since I'm carrying low. Heartbeat on doppler in the 140s/150s.


Bluebird said...

Thinking of you.

And you look adorable :)

Hillary said...

I said a prayer -- keep us posted!