Tuesday, June 2, 2009

In my dreams...I'm not a good mom!

During all of our TTC times, I had many, MANY dreams about being pregnant, having a baby, getting a positive pregnancy test, you know, all that fun stuff! Since actually being pregnant, I haven't had one...until Monday night. And I wasn't a very good mom! Now, I'm not much into reading into dreams (Although Saturday night, I did have a very vivid dream about a plane crash. Um, yikes!), but it just seemed so real. I actually woke up and thought, "I have to go check on Hampton!"

Here's the gist of the dream:
I had the baby. I wasn't full term. I was where I am right now, but he was perfectly healthy, just absolutely teeny tiny. The dream started at home. We had nothing but the few outfits that are hanging in the closet now, a couple of cloth diapers, 1 disposable diaper, and a crib mattress. Of course we weren't prepared...he was about 19 weeks early! We laid him on a blanket on the bed in the guest bedroom, changed his diaper, and left him laying there...and went to the park at church. After playing at the park with some family and friends for quite some time, someone asked how the baby was. Gulp. I said that we had to leave him at home b/c we didn't have a carseat yet. Everyone kind of looked at me weird b/c all of my potential babysitters were right there at the park. I assured everyone that he was fine, someone was watching him (not true), and I booked it home. When I got home, he was all tangled up in the blanket, and I thought he surely had suffocated himself. He was fine. I breastfed him and then held him out in my arms and for the first time got a glimpse of his beautiful itty bitty face. Then I woke up :)

Weird dream, I know. And, I can promise that I will not leave my baby at home unattended. The coolest part was seeing his face. It was so clear, and I think it will be etched in my mind until the day that I get to meet Hampton. I'm curious to see how close he looks to the Hampton in my dreams!

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Newlywed Next Door said...

Aren't dreams funny?!

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