Wednesday, June 24, 2009

That looks...complicated

Jordan and I have decided that we are going to try out cloth diapers for our little one. Yes, it is better for the environment, but to be honest, it is the money that can be saved that is my driving factor. Being "green" is just a bonus! I ordered my first few diapers last week and they were delivered Saturday. I was so excited, but since we were having guests over, I opened the box, looked at a few things, put it away in Hamp's closet to look at later, and finished cleaning! Once our guests were gone, I pulled out my box of "goodies" and started showing Jordan all of the cute diapers. Most are just solid colors, but I got two really cute ones-one with dots and one cow print! This is totally new to both of us, but at least I've changed a diaper before in my life!! Jordan-not a one! He was pretty intrigued with all of this stuff but seemed overwhelmed. I showed him how to put the inserts in the diaper and the laundry bag I had purchased as well. I started talking about my friend Rachel's advice about washing, drying, putting the diapers together before putting them away so they are ready to grab and use, etc. I looked up to see my poor husband's deer-in-the-headlight look as he muttered, "That looks....complicated." I told him it would be fine, and if cloth didn't work for both of us we would definitely switch to disposables. His response, "No. Not the cloth part. Just diapers in general!" Oh boy...

And kind of on the same note, a conversation we had yesterday at Babies R Us about a cute little outfit-
Me: It's so cute! Pants are going to be a pain with all the snaps, but you gotta do what you gotta do.
J: Ugh! I hate snaps. How stupid to put so many.
Me: Really?
J: Yeah. That is going to take so much time.
Me: The snaps have to be there. You wouldn't want to take the entire outfit off every time you need to change a diaper would you? It's easy access!
J: Ohhh!! I never thought about that!!

Yes, friends, the two of us will be bringing a child into the world to care for ON OUR OWN! Stay tuned. This could be very interesting...


t.bird said...

i'm all about cloth diapers- but even i must admit i'm going to miss the complete easy'ness of disposables.
and when i showed them to the husband online he got a little white- more so when i explained about scraping poop later on...heh gaaaah!

Rebekah said...

I haven't quite told him about scraping dirty diapers steps!!

Hillary said...

That is such a cute & funny story :) I think my DH would have the exact same reaction!

Rachel said...

hahahaha I love it! so cute!

and you KNOW I love cding!

and yes, keep the scraping a mystery :)