Thursday, June 11, 2009

Week 22 Pregnancy Quiz

Wow! I feel like time is flying!! I went to write a post, and it hit me that it was already Thursday of my 22nd week. Craziness! The pregnancy quizzes are taking over the blog, but that's okay because that means that I am 1 week closer to meeting my sweet baby boy. And it doesn't get any better than that! I feel like so much is going on, yet not a lot is happening. Our bedding is in (Adorable!), the crib and dresser should be coming in this weekend, gifts are being given, clothes are being hung...such exciting stuff! But we still have to wait on mom (our painter) to finish summer school and painting her own kitchen, so that she can come spend her time on the nursery. She has lots of fun ideas, so I'm anxious to see what she comes up with. I wish I could help (and I probably could), but we've all decided that it would probably be best for me to sit out this project. I'm the project manager-what I say goes! :)

How far along: 22weeks, 4days
Total weight gain/loss: +14 (My book says this is normal, but it worries me. I'm still hardly showing, so I feel a lot more weight gain will be coming in my future. I just can't do anything about it though. I'm eating healthy, drinking lots of water, etc., so I guess I'll just have to sit back and get over it. I don't care about the actual weight gain, just that the monkey is healthy!!)
Maternity clothes: Not really. Mostly dresses and elastic waisted skirts.
Stretch marks: None
Sleep: Sleeping like a rock. My head hits the pillow, and I'm out! Still pretty comfortable, so that's good.
Best moment this week: Our bedding came in! My new camera (Canon Rebel Xsi) also came in, and I'm so excited to start learning about it!
Movement: Becoming more frequent. It feels like bubbles more than kicks, but I know it's him! Still feel nothing from the outside-Jordan is anxious to feel him & nervous that it will freak him out! Haha!
Food cravings: None. I'm really having a hard time picking stuff to eat b/c nothing sounds good. :( Eating lots of fruits and veggies, but not craving any in particular.
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: None
Belly Button in or out: In
What I miss: My husband! He's started a new job and has several 9 to 9 shifts during the week. I stay up most nights until he gets home, give him a kiss and head to bed.
What I am looking forward to: Preparing the nursery
Weekly Wisdom: Keep snacks on you at all times. Breakfast bars and packs of crackers can be easily thrown in your purse and are a life saver when you have to have something right that second!
Milestones: Movements are becoming more significant. No matter what I'm doing, when I feel him move, I just stop, tell him hello, and wait for another movement. :)

And, drumroll please...someone just might have a baby bump forming:
I made Jordan take a picture from the front, too. I feel like you can almost tell more this way because of the indentions (for lack of a better word) in my sides. Not sure why my shirt is so out of whack...I think I rolled off the bed, let him snap 2 pics, and climbed back in!


Rachel said...

Oh man look at that tiny belly! :)

Marielle0430 said...

Adorable little bump:)

Kelly said...

Your bump is precious! You look great! Glad you are feeling good and that the time is flying for you.