Wednesday, August 5, 2009

3d/4d ultrasound!

We got to see the little monkey today in 3d/4d! Hampton doesn't usually like to show his face and today was really no different. After switching to laying on my right side, we were able to get some good shots. It was so incredible to be able to see in such detail this little person growing inside me!

What we know:
-He's all boy. Very first shot: Little man grabbing his junk!
-Hampton is the most chilled out baby in the world. He barely moved, even with A LOT of poking and prodding.
-Sleeping is his favorite hobby. Nothing is going to shake him from his sleep. And if you do happen to get him to wake up, you better believe he is not going to be pleased. (Just like his mom!)
-There is a strong possibility this baby will never come out. He is clearly way too comfortable with his placenta pillow and umbilical cord toy.
-Monkey's feet are big and his toes are so long! I'm contemplating taking back the adorable pair of newborn shoes we have!
-He's just adorable.
-I'm in love!

Here are some of my favorites:


bencu said...

So cool! I wish I would have gotten the 3-d pics. He looks adorable!

Katie Duke said...

That's so amazing!!! He looks perfect :)

Mel ~ Psyched for Baby said...

Oooh - looks like you got some really good ones. I love that I did this too.

Bluebird said...

He *does* have big feet! And precious little cheeks :) Too cute.

ASHELY said...

i love these types of pictures. very adorable! i can't wait to see a comparison of when he is born to the 4d image. :) that would be really cool. i hope your doing well.

Jennifer said...

What a cutie pie! Already behaving like a boy...grabbing his junk, lol!!

stacey said...

He's gorgeous already:-) Those are fantastic@

~Jess said...

What great pictures! Too cute!