Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Baby Shower, Take 2

My wonderful friend Hollee hosted a shower for me this past weekend, and just like last time, it was great. She made some wonderful food, and I ate way too much sugar! The little monkey didn't seem to mind, though! It was a much smaller group of friends, which was nice because I actually got to talk and interact with the guests! It seemed to be a pretty busy weekend for many because several friends weren't able to make it, but it is the end of summertime and there is lots going on. I know they'll come celebrate with me when Hampton gets here, and that's what is important! :)
Here I am with the hostess and my bestest friend:
My friend, Ashley, who has cheered me on throughout. She is also newly expecting #2!!:The food. Yum!:My mom, grandmother, and me:
Hollee suggested that guests bring books for us to read the little guy. I'm reading the sweet note Ashley wrote in the book she enjoys reading with her little girl, The Kissing Hand:
Monkeys!:Great bibs! "My Dad is Cooler than your Dad" and "Spit Happens!":

I remain completely overwhelmed by the generosity of others. Our sweet baby has no idea how incredibly loved he already is, but I can guarantee there will not be a day in his life that he isn't aware of it.


Piya n Destiny said...

Nice! You look so pretty..congratulations

t.bird said...

i want all that food- for real. ha!