Wednesday, June 23, 2010

9 months

My little baby is quickly growing into a little boy. I hear it (and think it) all the time. I knew the time was going to come, but it has come too quickly! Although, it is fun to see what he is going to learn next. Everyday there seems to be a new discovery, and we're enjoying watching his personality blossom!

Pictures were a little more difficult this month...
Fun things going on in Hampton's world during in the last month:
-Another tooth! Total:4; 2 top, 2 bottom
-With these teeth comes biting. Lots and lots of biting. Ouch!
-He's a great sleeper. He takes 2 long naps a day and sometimes a catnap between (especially if we're in the car) and usually sleeps from 9-7.
-He now can lay flat on his back and sit straight up. I think he's working on a 6-pack...
-Diaper changes are a nightmare! He squirms and wiggles and grabs and kicks and, you get the idea!
-Crawling, which I thought would never happen, started shortly after he turned 8 months, and this boy is fast. He wants to be on the ground all the time so he can explore.
-Speaking of exploring, I wouldn't be surprised if walking is in his near future. He pulls up on anything and everything, walks along, and several times now, turns around and just lets go. I'm afraid he's going to be fearless!
-He is now holding his bottle like a pro! This may not seem that significant at 9 months, but I didn't think he would ever hold it on his own. He was very lazy when it came to grabbing and holding up his bottle!
-He uses a sippy cup on occasion, but doesn't show any real interest in it. We'll keep letting him have it, and I'm sure he'll catch on.
-He's tried a few table foods-bananas, beans, and watermelon. I've been a little hesitant b/c he doesn't really get the idea of chewing. A choking baby is not something I want to deal with!
-He loves playing with his toys, but I think that stuffed animals are his favorite right now. It doesn't matter which one, he gives them all the sweetest hugs and kisses!
-He loves, loves, loves the pool. We spent almost in hour in the pool the other day, and he was having a blast!
-A few more words have been added into the mix: dada, baba, momma (if I plead-haha!), bye, and dat (that?). He doesn't "talk" all that much, but he is very aware of his voice. He will squeal at the top of his lungs until his voice goes hoarse, and he thinks it is so funny. I think it's funny too, mixed with a little embarrassing when we're in public ;)
-He waves every once in a while. Of course, he never does it when I tell people that he will!

I'm guessing he weighs 23 lbs, 8 oz., Jordan guesses 22 lbs, 8 oz., my dad guesses 24 lbs, 3 oz., and mom guesses 25 lbs. Maybe Hmmm...maybe we're in denial about having a fat baby? His wellness visit is tomorrow, so I'll have stats then!
Height: 29 1/2 in; 90%
Weight: 23 lbs; 90%
Head circumference: 90%; I don't remember the measurement and they didn't write it down.
According to Dr. H, he is "perfectly proportional"! Ha! She said all of his developmental skills are right on track for 9 months and early 12 months, so that's great! She wants me to start offering one of his formula feedings in the sippy cup to see if he shows any more interest in it. No shots today, so that was nice-especially since it was the first time Jordan hasn't gone with me. All in all, a thumbs up at his appointment today!
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