Wednesday, June 16, 2010

fun idea: fail!

Well, I thought that the "Ask Me Anything" post would be pretty fun and, I don't know, get more than 1 response, but clearly I was wrong! I did get one question, so I'll answer that...and the rest of you can go about ignoring me. :P And don't forget to enter to win some adorable bows or onesies in the pretty pretty baby bowtique giveaway!

CJ said... I'm a first time visitor, so I'll leave the first you feel the struggles of infertility have helped you to be a better, more appreciative mother?

Absolutely. I have always wanted children, and I think I would have been a great mom with or without the struggles (not to toot my own horn...!), but the struggles of IF really put into perspective HOW important family and being a mom was to me. I think there are some things--like the lack of sleep--that I really don't mind as much b/c I just take that time to cuddle with him. I'd rather be awake in the middle of the night with my baby than not have one at all. No question about it. Now, don't read this wrong. I think it made me a better, more appreciative mother than I possibly would have been without. I can't say it has made me any better or more appreciative than any other mother out there.

Thanks for the question!

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Jennifer said...

You aren't tooting your own horn - you would be a great mom no matter WHAT!

I agree that IF really puts your life into perspective.