Monday, September 21, 2009

You're trying to buy an early baby, aren't you?!

My appointment on Friday went well. My protein level is about 100mg, and the cutoff for pre-e is 300mg, so it looks like so far I'm alright. She said she'll probably have me do another urine collection after this week's appointment. Blood pressure was 145/85 (not TOO bad, but still up there), and my doctor joked and said she knew what I was trying to do: get my baby here early! Ha! I wouldn't mind, but I really have no desire to be induced, so no! My doc doesn't do an internal check every week, so I don't know if there has been any more progression. That's okay though, because I know that I would drive myself crazy guessing when this baby was coming! I've been having lots of contractions but nothing timeable--boo! Other than that, things are looking good! I am officially full term!


Bluebird said...

Glad to hear your protein levels look good, and that your dr. is keeping such a good eye on you!

Jennifer said...

Any minute now!! It's crazy how the time flew, but I can't wait to see baby pics :-)
I nominated you for a blog award -- info on my page!