Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's the little things... how he sucks on his fingers. He doesn't just stick them in his mouth, but puts them under his tongue, making the loudest smacking noise. It cracks me up. how he rolls his tongue sideways. Especially when he is "concentrating." I don't know where he gets it. Jordan and I can't do it! how he risks whiplash getting his head around to see where his mama is when he hears my voice. the way he erupts with laughter when his daddy blows on his tummy. the way he smells. Even his stinky feet. Yes, my baby has stinky feet! the joy on his face when he sees something he really likes. the wet, open mouth kisses that he gives. And the way he grabs onto both sides of your face, and pulls you close to smother you with them! how he holds his hands out so sweetly and grunts, trying to get the dogs to come to him. how he is so observant and takes everything in. This little guy really wants to learn about the world around him! how absolutely perfect he looks while he sleeps.

Yep, the little things. I don't want to forget 'em.

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