Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Saturday morning so far...

On Saturday mornings, Jordan has to be at work at 9, so one of us usually goes out and grabs breakfast once the baby is fed. It's usually a quick drive thru run. This morning, I really wanted a cinnamon-sugar bagel from Einstein Bros. (yum!), and since it's about a 15 minute drive from our house, I don't usually go there. So, I get the monkey in the carseat, and we headed out. I got there, hopped out, unbuckled the baby, and pulled him right out...and then I felt something on my hand. Then I smelled it. Yep, the child exploded on the way. And guess who's brilliant mother didn't bring a diaper bag because we were only going to pick up breakfast and come home. So, I sit there, awkwardly holding him, with poop running down his leg, trying to decide what to do. I reached down in the seat pocket looking for some napkins--or anything--and there was a towel stuffed down there! (Why? I have no idea. I didn't care, either!) I wipe him off and get him situated back in the carseat, and he was happy as could be. I started up the car and was going to leave, but I decided that since I had come all this way I should go ahead and get our bagels. I kept him in the carseat, pulled out the stroller, and went in. Yeah- I let my child sit in poop so I could get a yummy breakfast. Bad mommy. He was happy, though... Anyway...I got home, got him in the bath, and put a clean onesie on him, and he was ready to play. All was right in the world. Then he puked on both of us. And all of this happened before 8:30am. Awesome.

Happy Saturday, everyone! :)
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~Jess said...

Oh my goodness! Sounds like a wonderful start to the day :-P

Todd and Nicole Barnes said...

That is sooo funny... Only because when my husband went to get our little monkey ( I call him that too) up from his nap, he found poop all up his backside and all over his pack n play! Then on his head and all over! They both ended up in the shower! we are too much alike to have never met!!

cejer said...

OO I have done things like that before .. and it does make for a long day when so much happens and you look at the clock and its freakin 830 ... :)

Anonymous said...

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God Bless,