Monday, August 23, 2010

11 months!

::sigh:: Yep. That's all I have to say right now.

Let's see what has been going on in the little monkey's 10th month...
-Words: dada, mama, baba, hey, bye, no no, dog. I think that's it. Here's the kicker-he hardly ever says them. He won't say anything when asked, but I'll randomly hear him saying words while playing or over the monitor! So cute!
-Teeth: He got 2 more this month. Grand total of 6! 4 on top, 2 on bottom.
-How he gets around: He loves to be upright and is gaining confidence by the day. Today he took SIX STEPS! That's the most he's done. He mostly crawls or cruises around the room scaling furniture, walls, laundry baskets, and whatever will help him!
-Food: He's giving us a hard time when it comes to transitioning to table food. He loves breakfast, and that's about it. He throws food off of the highchair and will clamp his jaw shut so tightly when I try to feed him. So, we're working on it slowly, but for now, we're still doing a lot of purees.
-Clothes: He's in mostly 12 month clothes now, but still some 6-12 and 9 months; size 4 diapers.
-Randoms: He gives high-fives, bangs on the table/highchair tray when someone yells "drums," gives the sweetest kisses and hugs, clicks his tongue, makes the "motorboat" sound with his mouth, now has his "big boy carseat", laughs all the time, went on his first beach trip, had his first stomach virus & diaper rash, and has no interest in watching cartoons/tv unless he is sitting there with a bottle-bottle's done, he's off!

Loves: his mama (and his daddy!), getting his teeth brushed, bananas, cheerios, pancakes, bread of any kind, applesauce, yogurt, walking with his walker, juice, snuggling, bath time, stuffed animals, peek-a-boo, light switches, opening and closing doors, being in the car, cell phones, and banging the keys on our laptops

Hates: diaper changes (most of the time), all foods other than those mentioned above, sippy cups, when you don't hand him his bottle the.very.second that he sees it, getting out of the bath and putting a hooded towel on, getting his nose suctioned

That's all my tired brain can think of right now. I'm sure I'll update as I remember things.

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Jennifer said...

He looks HUGE in these pictures!! Happy 11 Months!

t.bird said...

happy 11 months to yours & mine! ahh!

Rebekah said...

He is huge--SO tall!
t-happy 11 months to Alex!!
Thanks, girls! :)

~Jess said...

I forbid him to be 11 months old...he's grown up so fast!