Wednesday, August 18, 2010

beach vacation: part 2

This is long over due, but I am finally getting around to it....

Crazy things that happened on this trip:
-Monday afternoon, there was a really bad thunderstorm that popped up very fast. We had come up from the beach and were rinsing off the chairs and stroller when I felt something. I stood frozen in my tracks, and then heard the loudest crackle and clap of thunder. Mom and I had both felt the lightning. How freaking scary! Jordan had Hampton at the back of the house rinsing him off in the shower, and I went nuts trying to get around to him to Well, being the good dad that he was, he was already there. Phew!
-Two crazy news stories on Tuesday: There was someone struck by lightning through her phone during the storm and the face of the blackberry was burned on to her face. Ouch! There was a shark attack. Double ouch!! (both victims were okay, thank God!)
-I saw several creatures on this trip- 1. A newt: Whatever. Not that interesting, but I don't really ever see those. 2. A mouse: Eek! Thankfully it was outside and far enough away from our walking path that I just looked, and walked along...a little faster. 3. Several dolphins. I love dolphins and just love to see them moving through the water. I wish I could have gotten a picture! & 4. A SHARK! I had taken Hampton out to the water to rinse him off as I had several times already. This time, dolphins were nearby, so we were standing there watching them. I turned around, about knee deep in the water, and looked down to see a shark swim right by my leg!! It was really small, maaaybe a couple feet, but you better believe that I BOOKED IT out of there! Where there are baby sharks, there are mama sharks. Yikes!

Packing for the beach was no joke. It was like a puzzle trying to find spaces where everything could fit, yet leave enough room for Jordan to see out the back window. Stuff had to be unpacked in order to get Hampton out! It was craziness. I know so many people who say, "If I only knew...we wouldn't have packed (fill in the blank) because we never used it." But for us, I don't think there is one thing I wouldn't pack again. We'll just have to buy a bigger car when another little one joins the family!! ;)
Here are more pics from the beach! Man, I miss it already!

Mom made us dress alike. She's kewl.
You have to admit, we're a pretty good looking group.
(Adam, Ashley (sis), Taylor (bro), mom, dad, me, Monkey, Jordan)
Me and my boys :)
We're a fun group!
Crawling into the waves!
Splashing is fun!
Don't even TRY to build a sand castle daddy: I WILL destroy it!
My little model The "kids"

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