Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm still here!

We've survived our first stomach virus. Hampton's diarrhea and diaper rash started off our week, and we finished it with his right leg covered in a rash from spider bites, his fever spiking again, and exorcist style vomiting. Hampton was a little trooper, but I sure do miss my perky baby. He's just been pitiful, whiny, and only wanted his mama. That last one's not a terrible problem to have, but poor Jordan felt useless (which he wasn't AT ALL!). We've paced and rocked and cuddled and swayed and paced some more, and we have finally made it! Today was a much better day. The little monkey is still a little whiny, but I can tell he's feeling better. I hope this virus is out of our house and stays far, far away!
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WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

Hope everyone is back to normal real soon!!

Jennifer said...

Hang in there momma. Hope you have a sick-free home soon :-)