Wednesday, August 11, 2010

we're having a bad week

Poor little Hampton is sick. He has a stomach virus, which is causing diarrhea. Yuck. With that, has come his first diaper rash (sent straight from the devil I am sure). Bless his heart, he is miserable. It's not keeping him from having fun playing, it's just keeping him from sitting to play. He stands there or squats and if he gets tired, he carefully falls forward onto all fours. I'm giving him pedialyte for the next 24 hours and am hoping it will work it's way out soon.
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Lisa said...

AWWWW..I'm so sorry that Hampton is sick! Poor little man. I hope he feels better really really soon and that the rash goes away soon too.

Anonymous said...

My daughter had rotovirus at 3 months and ended with with a terrible rash. Our doctor recommended Lotrimin of all things. It cleared it up within 36 hours. If there is a nurse line you can check with to make sure that is OK for Hampton. It helped is so much!