Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Beach vacation: part 1!

We had a wonderful time at the beach last week. We spent the week in Isle of Palms, SC, with my parents, brother, sister & her boyfriend, and my grandparents were even able to make it for a couple of nights. This was our first time there, and I really loved it. We weren't right on the beach (which we usually are in Hilton Head), but my dad got a house that was a four minute walk from the beach, so it wasn't bad at all. We spent time down at the beach every day. I was so hoping that Hampton would love the beach, and he absolutely did! I mean, from the second we put him down, he flew to the water. He crawled around, splashed, & went face first into waves. Seriously, he must have been a fish in a former life! ;) He also loved the sand. He loved to eat it. He loved to fling himself into it (face and all!). And he loved to smash Jordan's sand castle. Most of all, though, he love love loved...the umbrella pole. Yeah, it was captivating. HA! Jordan and I talked a lot before the trip how we would go about our day: Would we go out and let the monkey nap on the beach? Would we go out and then come back in for nap time, then go out again? Should we do one day at the beach and the next at the pool? Etc, etc, etc... You know, really important stuff! It worked out that we stayed up at the house until after his morning nap, fed him lunch, and then headed down to the beach. Once we could tell he was exhausted from playing, someone would put him in his stroller, and take a walk. Usually he was out within minutes, got parked in the shade, and mommy got some QT in the sun. And we didn't go to the pool even one day! SO not like us, but we were having such a great time! (and Jordan and I both got in the ocean, which we don't do. Ever. This whole parenting thing really has changed us-hehe!)

Mom has many more pictures on her camera, so when I get my hands on those, I'll post about our oh-so-fun family pictures (decked out in khaki and white, no less!) and some crazy happenings while we were away! Oh, and the adventure that is packing a car for a week long trip with a baby (& all the crap that he needed)!
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Katie Duke said...

Aww! It looks like you guys had an awesome time :) Hampton is totally a beach bum like his mom!

Jennifer said...

I'm SO glad you guys had such a fun vacation!! BTW, you are totally a hot mom, LOL!! We had the same discussions as you pre-vacation...it's funny the things you worry about when you become a parent ;-) Welcome home!