Tuesday, February 23, 2010

5 Months!

Wait...5 MONTHS already?!? It can't be! My little monkey is changing so much! I was looking at some older pictures earlier today and couldn't believe how different Hampton looks. He looks like such a little boy!

Hampton is:
-rolling from belly to back like it's his job (and wanting so badly to make it all the way over, but his dang shoulder keeps getting in the way)
-a huge fan of his feet :)
-"army crawling"
-grabbing at anything you put in front if him
-going to bed earlier and (usually) sleeping longer (YaY!)
-laughing and smiling at everyone. He is such a happy baby!
-constantly trying to push up on his legs to stand. Practicing sitting usually turns into standing and jumping b/c he refuses to bend at the waist!
Happy 5 months, sweet boy!


Jennifer said...

I am LOVING those pictures! Good luck with the army crawling -- you'll certainly be on your toes from here on out ;-)

Megan said...

He is such a blend of the both of you...sometimes I see you and sometimes I see J! Love the new pictures and glad we didn't do any Monday...I developed a fever compliments of my husband and am still under the weather!

~Jess said...

He is just so adorable! Has he gotten better with the sleeping from a couple of weeks ago? Did you do anything to solve it or did he just kind of stop?