Friday, February 26, 2010


Welp, we're well into week 2 of Operation Wean, and so far, mostly good! I say mostly because it took him a few days, but he realized that he was getting a bottle more often and BAM decided that wasn't gonna fly. I didn't expect him to have any problems b/c he has gone from bottle to breast to bottle with absolutely no problem whatsoever since we gave him his first bottle. But to my surprise, at the end of last week, he threw fits (I'm talking red faced-screeching-arched back-pushing bottle away FITS) when it came time for his bottle of formula. One day it took me almost an hour to finally get him to take the bottle! Whew! Who knew it would be so much work? Apparently, my mom did. When the same thing happened that weekend, mom informed me that me and my sister did the same thing, and it was much easier to have someone else give us our bottles for a little while. So-I handed him to her and wished her good luck! :) This week, I've dropped 2 feedings, and while he still fusses and gags for a few minutes at the beginning, he usually just lets out a sigh of defeat and takes the bottle. I hate it for him, but I am not giving in. I stuck with this much longer than I ever anticipated, and I am ready to be done! I'll be honest, though, it is harder than I thought it would be. I'm taking it nice and slow, dropping one feeding per week, and I hope that by the time the last week comes and it's time to drop his morning feeding, we will both be good to go!

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~Jess said...

Hopefully someone else feeding him his the key to weaning. I think a lot of things with parenting are hating what you have to do, but realizing that you can't give in.