Saturday, February 13, 2010

White Fluffy Stuff!

I have really enjoyed seeing pictures on facebook of all of my northern friends' babies/toddlers playing in the snow this year. I was living vicariously through them and wishing that I could get a picture of Hampton in the snow. But I knew better. We don't get snow here. Ever. Last year I believe we had flurries for maybe 15 minutes. Other than the occasional flurries, I'd say it's been 8 or so years since we actually saw the white stuff stick around for longer than a minute. Until yesterday! We got 5-6 inches yesterday afternoon, and it was perfect!! We bundled up, we played, we took pictures, we made a (VERY ugly) snowman, and then we snuggled up inside and watched a movie. When we woke up this morning, our winter wonderland was quickly vanishing. But I got a few pictures of my little monkey in the snow, and that's all I wanted!! Who knows when he'll get to see it again!


Jennifer said...

Your snowman isn't ugly, he's cute!
Enjoy the snow :-)

Marielle0430 said...