Monday, February 22, 2010

Girl Scout Cookies are of the devil...McFatty Monday!

It's that time of year. Our house has been taken over by girl scout cookies. All purchased by my dear sweet husband--who I both love and want to beat with a stick for filling my house with Thin Mints and Tagalongs and Trefoils! And that's only the beginning...Dad's birthday was Friday, and a friend of the family made her famous caramel cake for him. To.Die.For. As if one cake wasn't enough, mom decided she was going to make a Mississippi Mudslide Cake. This is a new, delicious, chocolaty treat that I'm sure will be gracing our dessert plates again! I asked Taylor to cut me a small piece of caramel cake on Sunday afternoon, and he said, "Are you going to blog about this tomorrow? It's McFatty Monday." Ha! And yes, little brother, I am confessing to all the j.u.n.k. I stuffed my face with this weekend. My new "exercise routine" this week has been squats, heel raises, twists--basically anything I can come up with that is safe to do while toting around a 15 pound baby. It may not be the ideal workout, but it works!

I think that the monkey might be trying to cut a tooth. He had a low grade fever for a couple of days last week and has been especially fussy and drooly. I still can't see anything coming through, though. I guess we just wait and see, with cold chew rings on hand!

Our church's baby dedication was last night. As Baptists, we don't do a christening or a baptism, but we do dedicate the baby to God in front of the church and friends/family. Hampton had lots of family come to see him, including 2 sets of great-grandparents, both sets of grandparents, Uncle Andrew and Aunt Katie (Jordan's brother and wife), Uncle Taylor (my bro) and his girlfriend Dakota, and Aunt Ashley (my sis) and her boyfriend Adam. How loved this amazing little boy is!! It was a nice little service, and a great reminder of what a gift from the Lord babies are! Jordan read this verse, and I wanted to share it: "For with God, nothing shall be impossible." Luke 1:37. So true, so true. God is so good!


t.bird said...

this reminds me that we need to find a home church ASAP so we can get alex babtized.

and um- i LOVE your boots. i can't see all of them, but i'm assuming that they kick ass.

stacey said...

Awww what a great family picture:)