Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Have Arrived!

If arriving means having random internet strangers post mean comments on your posts, that is... ::Rolls Eyes::

Dear Anonymous,

Clearly you haven't read any other posts on my blog. I AM a woman facing infertility. Yes, I have been blessed with my baby boy, but our family is hopefully not complete. The pain of infertility is not lost on me. The tears haven't just gone away since I had a baby. More than likely, I will be back in the trenches when we start trying for #2. This is a blog about my journey. Part of that journey is losing baby weight. So before you accuse me of not appreciating my child (I'm not even going to touch that asinine comment), take a look through my story. I hope you can find it encouraging and proof that miracles do happen. If not, well, I'm sorry, and I suggest you remove me from your reading list. That way you won't be bothered with any more of my "complaining."

Best of luck in your own journey.


Nico's Proud Parents said...

I second the idea of whoever you are should just stop reading this blog. Until you have faced infertility and understand the pain we go through...you have NO right to make a judgment, or even have a thought about this process some of us go through!!!

Alicia said...
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Alicia said...

Sorry i had a couple of typos i noticed after i posted and i decided to write this again..

I know i never say anything but i have been following you since you were pregnant but i just had to say something. That was so rude and mean for that person to say that about you! That Anon person sounds bitter and needs to get a life! There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to get back into shape. Everyone should be so motivated. After i had my daughter I was smaller than what i was pre-pregnancy but my jeans never did fit me right again. I think my hips had permanently spreaded. Good Luck!

ASHELY said...

Rebekah, I am so sorry you have finally "arrived". Totally sucks. I hope your doing well. WE haven't chatted recently thru comments/posts. I know you are a busy momma. I love seeing all the new pictures that you post on FB. You are looking gorgeous!

Daniele said...

You have no idea who I am - but I found your blog when I was pregnant and really liked it so I've kept following. I'm struggling with the post-baby body now too. And I think whoever left those comments can shove it! Since when did wanting to be fit and feel good about your body mean that you don't appreciate you baby?! I guess I must really not appreciate my daughter because I just went to a diet dr yesterday.

Keep blogging, I think your blog is cute! I've even stolen your cute little monthly onesie birthday idea for my baby!

Katie said...

long time reader here... have enjoyed your blog and your story for a while. while Anonymous's comment was certainly harsh and uncalled for - let's not forget how low the lows of infertility can be. Perhaps she (I think it's safe to assume it was a girl!) was having a really low day and, unfortunately and inappropriately, took it out on you. i'm not excusing her comment - totally inappropriate. just asking everyone to remember how bad it can get when you so desperately want a baby and get another BFN or another bad test result or another "unexplained IF" diagnosis. She must be in a bad place.

:) Katie

Jennifer said...

Sweetie, you know I'm a long-time reader and I know you probably know how I feel about this...but, you can talk about whatever you want on your own personal space. We are women & we care about what we look like -- we shouldn't apologize for it!!I hate the Anonomyous feature on Blogger. I think it's such a cop-out! xo, Jenn

~Jess said...

What kind of As-shat leaves a comment like that one....did they NOT even LOOK at any of the stuff on your blog...other people who are infertile would love to just kick that one in the pants.

sorry someone had to say that *hugs*

Rachel said...

oy. That was so uncalled for from anonymous.

Every woman who gives birth (IF or not!) goes through struggling with post pg baby body.

Worth it? YES, but love it? NO!

Good for you for losing 5.7 pounds!!

I was the opposite, I could fit into my pre pg pants pretty early on but still felt horrid!